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What do we celebrate?


This question can be answered by another one : Who is celebrated? A person is celebrated, Montfort! This means bringing to mind...

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Célébration du tricentenaire de la mort du père de Montfort - part 2
INDIA - Tercentenary special
Published by - 31/5/2016 15:41:00
USA Province Tercentenary Celebration
The Daughters of Wisdom, USA Province and the Montfort Missionaries celebrated the legacies of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise of Jesus to commemorate the 300th anniversaries of the death of Montfort and the establishment of the Primitive Rule of Life for the Daughters of Wisdom in a two day event this past April 27-28, 2016.
Published by - 31/5/2016 15:30:00
To put the stress of solemnity on the third centenary of Father Montfort's Death (28 April 1716), a preparation TRIDUUM will be organized on 25-26-27 April 2016, at Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre...
Published by Bro. Christian Bizon - 2/3/2016 00:28:00
The Lourdes Montfortian Hospitality
1 * BIRTH OF THE MONTFORTIAN HOSPITALITY 1947 : On July the 20th , the canonisation of Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort was proclaimed by Pope Pius XII, in Rome. The missionary élan of the saint duplicated momentum in the hearts of his sons, particularly Father Riboulleau, a missionary from the Cholet community, then head of “Le Règne de Jésus par Marie “ (“The Reign of Jesus through Mary”. Cf.?? “ “Queen of All Hearts”)...
Published by P. Pierre Groperrin - 2/3/2016 00:09:00
Montfortian Pilgrimage 2016
MONTFORT, MISSIONARY OF MERCY " OPEN TO JESUS-CHRIST ! " 17 – 23 April 2016 68th Montfortian Pilgrimage to Lourdes Our 2016 Pilgrimage gives us the blissful opportunity to celebrate jointly a pair of Church events : The Tricentenary of the Death of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort and The Jubilee of Mercy...
Published by P. Pierre Grosperrin - 1/3/2016 23:35:00
Celebrating the Tercentenary in St Paul / Parish Gasume Nomad
Being witnesses of Wisdom Liberating at the heart of the world, we wanted to celebrate this special day in our Parish. Since the launching of the tercentenary on the 5th July 2015 in the Cathedral at St. Gerard Parish / Kiunga, we also started taking the small step as ...
Published by Sr Philomene Sanduku, DW - 11/2/2016 22:19:00
Célébration du tricentenaire de la mort du père de Montfort-part 1
300th Anniversary of the Death of Montfort and the Daughters of Wisdom's Primitive Rule of Life
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In the Footsteps of Montfort      


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